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Tips For Outsourcing Web Development

This article will discuss some of the basics of hiring a professional to help you out with your web business. There are two reasons you may want to do this: 1) you do not have the skills yourself or 2) your site(s) are growing so quickly that you need to hire someone to help out. This may be a marketer/SEO guru, writer, web developer, or something else.

Tips for Outsourcing

There is absolutely a right and a wrong way to hire help. I know this from experience. This section will give you a few pointers to keep in mind when looking to hire someone to preform any type of work for your web business.


  • Shop Around. Spend some time upfront finding the absolute best provider that you can. This way, you won’t get stuck with a dud and waste valuable time and energy.
  • Ask for a portfolio. If they are even somewhat respectable, they will have a large portfolio full of quality work from satisfied clients. make sure you see this first.
  • Hold on tightly to the stars. When you find an awesome writer that can produce work on time for reasonable prices, do whatever you can to keep them around forever!


  • Pay upfront. I hate to admit it, but I have broken this rule and gotten burned. You give the provider the full payment before they start and never hear from them again. It happens.
  • Expect the freelancer to solve your problems or tell you what to do. Make sure you have a VERY clear outline of exactly what their role is and what you expect. Communicate this to them.
  • Be afraid to give direction. To often, we will see some work that is just ‘okay’ and tell the freelancer that it is ‘Awesome!’. But we really don’t like it and the quality of our project suffers. Tell them if it looks terrible.

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