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Things You Should Consider While Buying Domain for Web Development

August 21st, 2018

Web World is growing day by day. Today you can easily find an uncountable number of websites like e-commerce, shopping, blogs, etc. present on various platforms. The growing number of websites has also resulted in growing competition around this web world. People are today becoming more selective when they want to buy any product or services present online. In this growing competition world it is must for you to stand stiff and maintain your recognition. It is also very important for you to keep yourself and your business updated so as to get profit and success through your online business.

Domain name is a vital need for every online business. There are many of the advantages of using your own domain name. if you are not using your domain name your business most probably may be suffering and you can change the things much by just updating your online business to your own domain. Today there are many of the online registrars which sell the domain names. They have different rates and different plans. Some of them offer the domain name for just one year and some for 2 to 5 years. It is therefore profitable to do the research before proceeding towards any one of the registrar. You should also take care and focus on some of the important points that can help you in buying a profitable domain for your web development.

Most of the domain registrar companies present online are genuine but there are many others who prove to be scam and can make you suffer in long run. You should be particular in choosing a reputed registrar which can offer best services at affordable prices. Here are 3 most common tips that will help you in buying the right domain from right place for your right online business.

1- Choose the most reputed and genuine- While choosing a domain for your website development you should consider buying it with most reputed registrar. Choosing reputed and genuine domain registrar may cost you bit extra but will give you assurance about their ethically with their clients. They can give you best services that work best for you.

2- Always register your domain yourself- While you are going for hiring the professional firm for your web development task for your website, you should manage buying domain from yourself. Many of the companies offer you to take care of the domain name. But you should not allow them to do that. This will protect your business and privacy and you could manage the disputes if any with the registrars in future.

3- Don’t compromise on prices- You should not compromise on prices for buying a good domain for your business websites. Getting a cheap domain may save you one time investment but can make you and your online business suffer afterwards. Of course this does not hold true to all the registrars and you should always research your own ways to get better services at better prices. Also you should go for.COM domain name and keep that at priority. This will prove to be very advantageous for you.

Small Business Web Development

August 20th, 2018

Small business web development is something which unfortunately even to this day is rarely understood. There are two main schools of thought which surround it – those small business owners who look for the designer who has created the most attractive and professional websites in the past and those who want a website to get results.

I would suggest that as a small business owner you should be looking for a web developer who possesses the second skill. I don’t necessarily mean to find a developer who makes *ugly* sites, but it is important that you consider how you are going to benefit from your website before you start building it.

In other words you need ot start with the end in mind. Too many small business owners and web developers themselves focus firstly on making an attractive website with a real “wow” factor. Then they sit down to try and figure out how to market it effectively so that you actually get the end result you’re looking for – more customers or clients for your business without having to spend an arm and a leg to get them.

As I’m sure you can imagine, not only is this backwards but can also lead to frustration. So for best results, start out with the end in mind.

You need to find a professional in the realm of small business web development who specializes in building websites that get results – rather than just look nice. Find someone who knows how to design a site so that it will draw potential customers from the search engines each day and it won’t be too long before you start to notice some significant improvements in your profits as a result.

Tips For Outsourcing Web Development

August 19th, 2018

This article will discuss some of the basics of hiring a professional to help you out with your web business. There are two reasons you may want to do this: 1) you do not have the skills yourself or 2) your site(s) are growing so quickly that you need to hire someone to help out. This may be a marketer/SEO guru, writer, web developer, or something else.

Tips for Outsourcing

There is absolutely a right and a wrong way to hire help. I know this from experience. This section will give you a few pointers to keep in mind when looking to hire someone to preform any type of work for your web business.


  • Shop Around. Spend some time upfront finding the absolute best provider that you can. This way, you won’t get stuck with a dud and waste valuable time and energy.
  • Ask for a portfolio. If they are even somewhat respectable, they will have a large portfolio full of quality work from satisfied clients. make sure you see this first.
  • Hold on tightly to the stars. When you find an awesome writer that can produce work on time for reasonable prices, do whatever you can to keep them around forever!


  • Pay upfront. I hate to admit it, but I have broken this rule and gotten burned. You give the provider the full payment before they start and never hear from them again. It happens.
  • Expect the freelancer to solve your problems or tell you what to do. Make sure you have a VERY clear outline of exactly what their role is and what you expect. Communicate this to them.
  • Be afraid to give direction. To often, we will see some work that is just ‘okay’ and tell the freelancer that it is ‘Awesome!’. But we really don’t like it and the quality of our project suffers. Tell them if it looks terrible.